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Athan Mytilinaios traces his creative odyssey through the vibrant cultural tapestries of New York, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Monaco, and beyond, absorbing influences that enriched his journey. These locales became the backdrop against which Athan honed his craft, sharpening his skills across continents and immersing himself in the world of creativity.

With over a decade of experience forged in the exclusive realms of the luxury industry, Athan moved to Athens with a wealth of knowledge and a burning passion to create something extraordinary. This vision materialized into AΘΑΝ, his namesake creative consulting agency that serves as a nexus of his accumulated wisdom and artistic prowess.

Athan's journey through the industry involved influential roles with renowned names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Loewe, Marc Jacobs, Beefbar, Celine, Bureau Betak, Kenzo, Chalhoub Group and Giraudi Group among others.

His pursuit of excellence was complemented by a robust educational journey. In 2009, he earned a BSc in International Economics & Management from Bocconi University in Italy, setting a solid foundation for his future endeavors. Building upon this, in 2012, Athan delved into the world of fashion design, earning an A.A.S. from Parsons School of Design in the USA, refining his understanding of aesthetics and design principles.

His thirst for knowledge and a comprehensive grasp of the luxury market led him to pursue an MsC in International Luxury Management from Institut Français de la Mode in France in 2015. This multifaceted educational background equipped him with a nuanced perspective and a holistic approach, laying the groundwork for his impactful career in the creative realm.

Athan Mytilinaios' journey epitomizes a fusion of global experiences, educational prowess, and an unwavering commitment to crafting unparalleled creative solutions. Through AΘΑΝ, he continues to weave narratives that captivate, design experiences that enchant, and redefine the contours of creativity, infusing each project with a touch of his magical ingenuity.

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